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One of the leading photo management and editing programs available on the internet, Picasa was developed by Google as one of many side-projects to their search engine business. Picasa allows you to organize and touch up the photos in your collection, and is completely free to use.
Being a piece of freeware, you might expect Picasa to be lacking in functionality or refinement. It isn’t - as you’d expect from anything designed by Google, Picasa boasts an incredibly simple and intuitive interface which makes seemingly-difficult tasks a lot easier. As just one example, the Retouching and Red-Eye Removal tools in Picasa operate automatically without requiring you to deal with the nitty-gritty of targeting blemishes and flaws. The program also packs effects filters and more advanced Tuning features which can fix up the subtleties of your photos, while its non-destructive editing process is a boon when quickly editing lots of photos. A lot of the features in Picasa are similar to those in more advanced and costlier editing suites, albeit simplified for more mainstream use.
The program isn’t without its limits. Surprisingly for a program designed by Google, search capabilities often aren’t as extensive as you might expect, and the non-destructive editing system will spawn a host of .ini files all over your computer folder system - not what you’d prefer from a program meant to clean up your photo management. However, Picasa remains a sturdy and extremely easy-to-use photo program, and should be a must-try for anyone who’s looking to dip their toes in photo editing without buying a full editing suite. The program even features Google’s trademark “I’m feeling lucky” button which automatically touches up your photos - you can’t get more simple than that.

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